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Bert Ribul probably needs no introduction to BMX scene in Estonia. Let’s just say that He is one of the most talented and most known flatland BMX riders in Baltics. If You have seen this guy riding, You probably went a little nuts.

OnWheels is super-duper proud to announce that Bert is now doing it for OnWheels clothing! To celebrate this, we had a little chat with the guy, hope You’ll enjoy!

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Yo Bert, super nice to have You on our clothing team!

Super stoked to be on the team!

What You’ve been up to lately? Any interesting stuff or projects going on?

Yes, a lot actually, we are making a short documentary with redbull about my recovery after ACL reconstruction, which took me off the bike for two years, but now im baackk!! Also designing and testing bikeparts with JungleRider and organizing a flatland event in Tallinn in June, really looking forward to this one- we are gonna have atleast two of the biggest names in flatland right here in my home town.

Also recovering on the bike, trying to get ready for this year.

Tell me a bit, how did You discover flatland BMX in first place.

I discovered flatland when i was about 11-12 when i saw two guys practicing in a parking lot, fell in love with bmx in that moment and been hooked ever since. I never got a proper bike so my first one was a 16″ kids bike with pegs welded on..haha, after that i made a couple of frames and parts myself.

For some reasons, flatland is not the most popular styles of BMX in Estonia. What is it that You love about flat riding the most? Have You ever considered to take Your bike to park/street and do it the way everybody else does it?

I think flatland is not as popular as other disciplines simply because it takes the longest to get to a certain level, you really need to have motivation and concentration. Another big minus is the abscence of a scene here, there is pretty much only 2-3 riders right now, a scene grows much faster when there are people pushing each other. When i started there used to be around 10 riders, so it was much more fun to ride and learn tricks together. Luckily it’s slowly starting to grow again here aswell.

In the rest of the world flat has blown up pretty big and its nice to see a new up and coming generation. I think the newscool flatland is much more appealing to the younger generation, I love how flat and street is kinda mixing together. I also ride with a lot of street riders and now we push each others level to whole new directions.

And i always say if anybody reading this wants to try out flatland i’ll help out anyway i can.

What do You do at wintertime? I know that some BMX riders like to cruise their snowbmx or SMX. Is there some sort of flat SMX riding going on aswell?

No flat SMX sadly just riding indoor places, Luckily i just started working in the coolest place in Estonia- SpotOfTallinn and i can ride there during winter.

Favourite flatland riders or guys You look up to in the flatland scene?

Theres alot! Martti Kuoppa, Waldemar Fatkin, Matthias Dandois just to name a few.

Favourite tricks? Next trick You want to learn?

Favourite tricks are whip style tricks, decades and jumps to switches.

I want to learn backflips, i have a personal thing with this where i think if i can go upsidedown in the air i can do anything on flat ground. hahah, we’ll see.

Do You ride with music or without? Could You tell me some of Your favourite tunes for riding? or just for walking around? (I just need to update my personal ipod playlist)

Yea, i usually ride with music, Eminem and Tech N9ne have always been in my playlist.

How different are the flat bikes compared to street/park bikes?

What i said before about flat and street mixing together, same goes for the bikes, so no more curvy bent tubes or super short frames, they are actually pretty much the same nowadays. just skinnier tires but even thats not a must.

Bert Photo 4

Any interesting plans for the future?

Right now im just really-really focused on the comeback and to have my knees working properly. We ll see what the future brings but my motivation is through the roof right now and everything seems to be going real well, im just sooo happy to be back on the bike.

Thank You for Your time bro! Proud to have You on board!

Thank you for the interview and looking forward to repping OnWheels !!


Check out how Bert does it:


Keep up with Bert at instagram – @bertflat | interviewed by Henri Holland