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    Pirate Brujula Headset


    Simple and Functional design. Embodies a rubber seal on the upper cover to prevent water from seeping inside and damaging the bearings. 5mm and 10mm matched spacers included so you can adjust to perfection.

    Colour: purple

    Weight: 91g

    Size: 1-1/8″ Ahead 45ºx45º tapered bearings

    Material: Aluminium

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    Demolition v2 Headset Black


    All new dual stack height alloy caps w/ rubber O-ring and etched Demolition logos. Smaller 8mm cap and the taller 10mm cap stack nicely overtop one another to reach 15mm stack height. Campy spec (45ºX45º) integrated headset with sealed cartridge bearings.

    Weight 73g

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    Federal Headset



    The Federal headset comes with two different height caps to give your bike a cleaner look than just using stem stackers. High quality sealed bearings, a matt black or silver finish and a subtle Federal logo make this a great addition to your front end.

    Size 1-1/8″
    Colours Black or Silver

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    34r Roto Headset Black


    Original ROTO cone system

    Adjust cone ring secured with 3 allen mini screws to fix the fork during after disasembling and traveling with your bike.

    65 g