District DK-1 V3 red

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The classic DK-1 deck featuring the new logo and minor changes so it does not go away from the well know proven design. Still one of the nicest balanced and lightest decks on the market after years of existence. Includes brake, axle and all spacers.

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Headset type: Non-integrated
Deck width: 11cm (4.3”)
Deck length: 50cm (19.7”)
Lightweight: Yes
Weight: 1360g
Material: Aluminium 6061
Material strength grade: T4, T5, T6
Deck design: One-piece
Headtube length: 90mm
Deck spacers: Included
Brake type: Flex Fender
Brake: Included
Brake mounting bolt: Included
Axle: Included
Axle head: M5
Wheel diameter: 100mm, 110mm