Talis Viirpalu | RIDER OF THE WEEK

In second part of “ROTW” We take a look at what a longtime OnWheels BMX rider Talis Viirpalu has been up to lately.

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Every active (or inactive) rider, is it BMX, Skateboard, Scooter or inline gotta love Barcelona. The city looks like a huge map from videogame “Skate 3”. There are spots literally on every corner and good warm climate helps out a lot too!
Here’s a videopart from Talis when He visited Barcelona back in a day. All filming is done by Rene Lutterus and Arto Arukuusk.

Unfortunately we don’t have a year long outdoors season here in Estonia. But that’s okay because so many new indoor skateparks get built every year. OnWheels Ramps built a new skatepark to Viljandi Lennukitehas last year and We invited Talis and rest of the crew up to go test it out, shoot some photos and do a short edit there.

Meanwhile, Talis moved overseas to Finland to work, to hang with Niko and to ride all those awesome local indoor parks.


Nice day at @talmaglacier w/ @rtrepp #snowboard

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On weekends, Talis can be often seen in His favourite indoor park “Spot Of Tallinn“. He sure takes most out of that skatepark and His progression was seen on the first day there. We were invited over to test out the skatepark, and then out of nowhere He pulled a sick triple whip over the rezi flyout. Talking about conditions = progression.

Luckily We got that on tape aswell. You can check out that trick out from edit below:

To keep up with Talis Viirpalu, definately take a look at his fresh Facebook fan page and give him a follow at instagram – @talisviirpalu

Photos by Artur Sadovski & Sofia Laasma

Put together by Henri Holland