Road To Simple Session 19 “From local park to Worldwide Arena!”

Have You ever had wet dreams about riding, hanging out and making friends with the top pro riders in the world? Maybe have a little chat with Garret Reynolds or little after session beer with Ryan Scheckler. If the answer is Yes, then look no further! Here is Your chance to get the magic ticket to the world of pro riders who You have only seen on television. A piece of paper that gets You to compete in one of the top extreme sports contests in the world!

“Road to Simple Session 19” contest is qualifier to Simple Session 19 main event. So now it is time to grab your nuts and bike (or) skateboard, bring your girlfriend and head out to the summer capital of Estonia – Pärnu. 

The qualifier contest takes place on 1 & 2 of december in Raba 5 indoor skatepark, Pärnu.

On 1 of december, the-smooth-as-butter Raba 5 skatepark will host Estonian finest BMX riders.
 These guys always fly higher and fall harder than anyone else. So we will quarantee a very good show! Even if You’re not familiar with extreme sports, those dudes will get You hooked! Definately worth to come check these guys out!

On 2 of December, the former swimming pool building will be taken over by fourwheelers. “Can You do a kickflip?” you ask? Well, if You come and cheer our skateboarders up enough, they will probably even do a DOUBLE KICKFLIP!

Hope to see You all soon @ our home indoor RABA5

photo: Rauno Pärnmäe

1. do many kickflips!
2. be cool! if your opponent breaks a tire/skateboard, then give Him Your own.
3. get the crowd hyped!
4. don’t use only flybox! Go for a nice cruise around the park.
5. bring your beautiful girlfriend(s).
6. dress well – style matters!
7. make tons of photos & tag @raba5! You will automatically get 0,5 extra points by doing that.
8. make crashes look harder!
9. dont go slow! we don’t have any police around that might give you a speeding ticket.
10. have much fun! Maybe even practice your smile in front of a mirror before your run.

So it is time to suit up & get yourself from your local park to the amazing Nate Wessel designed Simple Session course in front of thousands of people. By the way, a Norwiegen social media monitoring company “Meltwater” did a lot of research and found out that Simple Session 18 reached half BILLION people through Red Bull TV & social media. It is five with eight zeros!

Make sure to check out Simple Session 2019 course design!

text: Henri Holland