OnWheels proudly presents new Rider Of The Week!
He is riding for OnWheels, Vans, Demolitionparts and Volumebikes. He was chosen “BEST ESTONIAN RIDER” at Simple Session 2015 and his video parts have got worldwide attention for classy cinematography and super heavy tricks. We take a recap of his best work and talk about a heavy injury that He is still recovering from.

This week in focus – Mr. Erik Orgo.

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eki vahekas

photo by Rene Lutterus


Lets start out with the good news and do a little rewind back to year 2014.
This is definately one of my favourite BMX videos by Estonian riders. Eki and his good homie Dimitri Shushuyev visited Monsterpark for couple of times over the time of 2 months and ended up with artsy three minute long video that officially welcomed Erik to VOLUMEBIKES and DEMOLITIONPARTS.

Same year, different season Erik Orgo and His good homie Rene Lutterus decided to go nuts with filming a street part and they put together a world class video.
I have seen this part for atleast 10 times, but it is still worth checking out one more time. Just a hint – keep Your eyes WIDE open for that ender banger!

I think we haven’t put together a RIDER OF THE WEEK article without mentioning this one city. Every rider seems to love it for the sake of unreal spots and warm climate.
Yes, You’ve guessed it – Barcelona.
Back in autumn 2014 we packed our bikes and flew out to BCN with the whole crew. It was first time for Eki to visit that place and He got most out of it!
“OnWheels Through Barcelona” was put together by Henri Holland & Rene Lutterus.

Another topic that has been covered in RIDER OF THE WEEK more than often is Simple Session. Last year the madness took part in a brand new arena in Lasnamäe. As always, the course was sick and riders line-up was massive.
Erik Orgo put together a super solid run and finished as “BEST ESTONIAN RIDER”. We were so stoked for him and felt proud to have this guy on board.

eki sessiooon

Bits and Pieces from Elu24 article after Simple Session 2015. Read the whole thing from here.


Tell us a little bit about Simple Session experience!

Simple Session 15 was a bit more peaceful than previous years but overall it was as awesome as ever. Organisation was on point and everything was running fluently.
Still, the best part about SS 15 was riding that Nate Wessel design skatepark. There were more street obstacles than usual and I liked that.


What does it mean to You – “BEST ESTONIAN RIDER”?

Can’t take it too seriously, I still believe that my good friend Andres Lainevool should have get that award, because He killed it so hard.
I still think that some of my videoparts mean more to me, because of all the consistant and hard work that we put into them.


Do You plan Your runs or ride more spontageously?

Last years, I planned every trick that I’ll do, but definately not in a run. This year, I took a seat next to the skatepark and gave my runs some thoughts. But as usual, plans often don’t work out and if you bail a trick then you go on by improvising anyway

Then, out of nowhere Eki told us about an unfortunate accident at his dayjob. Somehow a piece of broken glass fell on his right leg and cut through the nerves that allow us to move our legs properly. He was out from BMX game for roughly half a year. Although He still hasn’t recovered fully, He already cruises around on BMX. Most important is that He kept His head up and never thought of quitting riding for good. Can’t wait to see what He’ll be up to when back 100% !

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Article put together by – @henriholland