Simple Session Experience with Roomet Säälik & Chris Tilk / PART 1

OnWheels BMX team is still feeling the hypes from this years legendary Simple Session weekend. To get those aftervibes really going, we’ll rewind it to the very beginning!

On a practice day video artist Dmitri Shushuyev documented our boys Chris Tilk and Roomet Säälik preparing for Simple Session 2019. Besides capturing all the ripping on camera, Dmitri also took time to sit down with our boys to bring you all their emotions.

Roomet Säälik, who took part of Simple Session park contest discusses the skatepark, putting together the lines and ofcourse the Olympics.

Chris-Patrick Tilk talked about injuries, mentally preparing for the contest, the amazing SS skatepark design and most importantly about what He really likes about the contest.

Check out all the ripping and interviews from video below.

Päev enne Simple Session 19′ / Roomet & Chris from OnWheels on Vimeo.

Filmed and edited by Dmitri Shushuyev.

Stay tuned for part 2!