Tartust pärit Talis on rattal täielik killer! Ilmselt pole olemas trikki mida see kutt teha ei julgeks. Tema sõidustiil on puhas ja kiire. Talis suudab kasutada pargis kõiki obstaakleid pannes kokku suurpärased liine, mis jätavad suu lahti kõigil trikiratta huvilistel. Ühesõnaga – GO BIG OR GO HOME!


Sünnikoht: Tartu
Hetke asukoht: Tartu


Etnies Estonia


OnWheels Team Q&A


Tartu, Estonia


TSG, OnWheels, Skullcandy, Etnies Estonia

Fast or chill?


Big or tech?

I like to go big af while doing tech stuff.

Grinds or airs?

Airs ofc

Best place you have ever ridden?

Prolly Lapoma Bike Paradise in Barcelona, Spain. BEST DIRTS EVER!!

What is your worst fear?

I hate snakes haha

What is your worst habit?

Doing things at the last minute

What is in your pocket right now?

#thisiskurvalife stickers. Thanks to Michael Beran 😉

How old were you when you first started riding and what got you into it?

i think i was 13 years old. My classmate started riding BMX, I tried his bike and I fell in the love right away

What place you would like to visit right now?

Woodward Camp please

What sport do you like to do after BMX/SCOOT?

I love all kinds of sport. Wakeboard, cycling, running, trampoline etc.

Something to say?

Thank you all my supporters, friends and family. Remember to have fun on and off your bike kids! PEACE YO!

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