OnWheels West-Coast BMX Jam (2019)

OnWheels West-Coast BMX Jam 2019 took place in Haapsalu skatepark. The park was opened last year in August and it was designed by OnWheels Ramps.

Make sure to check out full highlights video by Henri Holland / Hollandfilms

After all guys got proper warm-up done and our judges took a seat on top of the vertwall for the best view, we kicked the contest off with BMX qualifications. All heats were packed with very talented riders and it was not easy to filter out our 8 best street & park riders for finals.

West-Coast Jam 19 finalists

After long qualification contest, it was time for our good friends from Keerdtrepp to take over the course and hold a banger side event “Scooter Money for Trick”.

As the name already states, You get some good crispy Euros for heavy tricks. Guys like Harley Harin, Madis Kukk and Kert Salve killed it and got extremely rich. Check out highlights video below from OnWheels insta page. Also make sure to give us a lil follow @onwheels4ever


After get rich fast scam, it was again time for BMX guys to take over the course.

Our very good friends from Vans / House of Marsten gave us anxiety, because Vans BMX Street Best Trick was about to go down. It all went down on huge funbox on centre of the park with rails, ledges and banks. Ofcourse best street riders like Martti Lainevool & Tauno Krüüts killed it with insane manouvers. Watch full highlights video from below to see it yourself!

Now it was time for the main event. The Finals!

Our 8 finalists hit it off and the line-up was heavy: Roomet Säälik, Kristen Põder, Martti Lainevool, Sander Saard, Tauno Krüüts, Yuki, William Kass & Jörgen Vain. Beside the “two run” format, everyone also got three attempts on last banger trick. Vibe was good and everyone killed it.
The contest went out with proper bang, the last trick of last rider Roomet was insane. He tried to land 1080 off from flybox and got injured pretty bad. Medics ran on the course and it was pretty scary. Luckily nothing too serious and He walked away on his own feet.
After the contest, judges took quite long to figure out who should win the whole thing…

OnWheels West-Coast BMX JAM TOP 3:
1. Roomet Säälik
2. Kristen Põder
3. Martti Lainevool

Biggest respect goes to our Young Gun winner:
Timur Abzibarov