Niko Ihander – Welcome to the OnWheels Team

OnWheels team is expanding!
The freshest addition to our big BMX family is Niko Ihander from Finland. To celebrate all this, Niko visited couple of his local indoor parks with his homie Ragner Trepp to film “Welcome to the team” edit.

photo by Sofia Laasma

Also, our cameraman H. Holland had a little chat with Niko about BMX life.

Hey Niko, welcome to the OnWheels family, so glad to have You on board!
Hi guys and thank u very much! Feels nice to join the family!

How did you get into riding BMX at first place? And for how long have You been riding?
Some of my older friends rode MTB, so I started riding when I was 7. Then I had a nasty injury and was out for a long time. After the recovery I somehow fell in love with bmx instead and now I’ve been riding that for 4 years. With MTB and BMX years combined, I think I’ve been cruising my bikes for 11 years.

What did your parents think about it at first? Were they scared that BMX is a dangerous hobby or were they supportive?

Haha, good question! My father was supportive and said go for it. Yeah, haha.. my mom, stepmom and granny were so scared and didn’t really encourage my hobby. But I’m still alive, so all good with them.

What are your plans for 2016?
Riding ofcourse! I also really want to do some travelling, film some footage and spend time with my friends and OnWheels crew. Will get my school finished by the summer, so more freedom I hope.

Your favourite BMX video part?
Kriss Kyle’s Kaleidoscope was really sick.

Some cool music that gets You pumped up to blast a massive flair?
Girl Talk!

Streching vs couple of cold beers?
Haha…Couple of beers.

Skatepark vs street?
I enjoy riding both of them, so no favourite one.

Hell Yeah man, keep it up! Im sure that we will have a blast together!
Thank you, yeah bro! Keep it up!



filmed by Ragner Trepp / edited by Henri Holland

Make sure to give Niko a follow at instagram – @nlkbmx