Arto Arukuusk | RIDER OF THE WEEK

Arto Arukuusk (officially) joined OnWheels family about half a year ago. He visited Malaga and other awesome places in Spain and filmed “Welcome to the team” edit (watch below). In real world, He has been hanging out, riding, touring and filming with the team for years.
It was always clear that Arto is the real deal in Estonian BMX scene and besides style and tricks, He has a super positive attitude and healthy lifestyle.

Arto really seems to love warm climate and travelling. It seems to be pretty much a tradition for Him to visit Spain every year to enjoy life, ride his bike, shoot photos and videos. He has to be an expert in finding spots in Barcelona. Check out His “Portfolio from Spain“:

This time Arto decided to go and check out more southern part of Spain and not to just stick with Barcelona. That clip below is “Welcome To The Team” edit and thats when He “officially” joined our family.

Besides filming and riding street, Arto takes part of big competitions aswell, such as Viljandi Bash, Kuldrula, Fise and Simple Session.

stay tuned with Arto at instagram – @Artoday